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Northern Östergötland

Great nature experiences mixed with historical industry areas.

Beautiful forest areas are nicely paired with historical industry areas

The northern parts of Östergötland is not only home to one of the best soccer teams in Sweden – it also offers great nature experiences, historical industry areas and the greatest zoo in the Nordics.

The northern part of Östergötland has a rich legacy of rural industrial history, beautiful
forested areas and lakes ideal for paddling. When visiting we recommend strolling through Knäppingsborg in the city center of Norrköping, hiking at Marmorbruket and visits to Finspång Castle, one of Sweden’s largest baroque manor houses, and S:ta Maria kyrka (St. Mary’s church) with its wonderful 13th century frescoes.

Scandinavia’s largest wildlife park, Kolmården, is located just outside Norrköping. The park has 60 animal species, and your visit supports the important mission to protect endangered animal species. Don’t forget to ride on the wonderful Safari cable car for a bird’s­eye view of the animals. Bamse’s World, dedicated to the cartoon character Bamse, is popular with younger visitors, while slightly older children never tire of riding on the Wildfire roller coaster. This is hardly surprising, since it’s been named the best roller coaster in Europe and the third best in the world!

The famous trams in Norrköping.

Finspång Castle from the baroque era.

A mongoose at the Kolmården zoo.

In addition to being the home of Kolmården there is much associated with Norrköping, such as football, yellow trams and the unique Industrial Landscape. The factories have long closed down, but today the area is still vibrant with activity from local inhabitants, students and tourists. Here you can experience the Museum of Work, the concert hall and convention centre Louis De Geer, Norrköping City Museum and Visualization Center C, where you can enjoy a 360° movie experience in 3D in the dome­shaped cinema and desiccate a 2,300 year­old mummy with the help of an interactive visualisation table. Just outside Norrköping you will find Yxbacken where you can go downhill with skis in winter and downhill with MTB the rest of the year.

In the heart of Rejmyre Hantverksby you can visit Reijmyre Glassworks, internationally renowned since 1810 for its glassmaking tradition and still in operation today. Slightly further north, Häfla Hammer Forge is testament to the Swedish industrial era, and is
regarded as Sweden’s best­preserved ironworks.

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