Östergötland has to be experienced

The region of Östergötland spreads out over the eastern coast of Sweden and is located two hours south of Stockholm. 99% of those who have visited Östergötland want to visit the region again and we cannot get a better rating than that. Because Östergötland has to be experienced.

Getting here and travelling around
You can travel to Östergötland by car, ferry, plane, train or bus.

Dröbarbild över Göta kanal

Göta canal

One of the greatest constructions in Sweden.

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The archipelago of Östergötland

One of the brightest shining stars of Östergötland.

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Kvinna som står vid havet vid solnedgång
Två barn som leker vid Alvstra klosterruin

Along lake Vättern

Dive into the water, or history along the eastern shore of lake Vättern.

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Kinda canal

The perfect destination for an enjoyable and adventurous weekend.

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MS Kind passerar sluss vid Kinda kanal
Man som blåser glas på Reimyre glasbruk

Northern Östergötland

Great nature experiences mixed with historical industry areas.

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Southern Östergötland

A grand smorgasbord of delicious nature experiences.

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Ekenäs slott utanför Linköping


Follow our fictional characters on their journeys through Östergötland's rich selection of romantic, historical, scenic and child-friendly places.

Tourist service
Are you looking for more detailed information about the different destinations? Östergötland's tourist service will help you!

Signage Östgötaleden

Östgötaleden Hiking Trail

Hiking along the beautiful Östgötaleden Hiking Trail is a perfect way to experience all the nuances of Östergötland's nature. The experience varies depending on which part of the majestic 1500-kilometre trail you choose. For an updated map with suggestions on places to eat and sleep along the trail, see the digital map.

Digital map of Östgötaleden
Till startsidan för Visit Östergötland

A part of Region Östergötland

Visit Östergötland

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