Small towns

Like living history but in the present.

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Östergötland has to be experienced

Have you ever had to hum and nod your way through a friend's photo album from the "find-yourself-trip" to Goa? Then you understand exactly what we mean when we say that it is impossible to convey with photos and text exactly how amazing a place is to someone who has never been there. You simply have to come here and experience it for yourself!


Östergötland's coastal strips have something everyone.

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Experience the canals and let them guide you to the surrounding landscape.

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The best way to experience Östergötland's varied landscape.

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These two cities are both wanting to show off their excellence.

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Getting here and travelling around
You can travel to Östergötland by car, ferry, plane, train or bus.


Follow our fictional characters on their journeys through Östergötland's rich selection of romantic, historical, scenic and child-friendly places.

Detective duo

Be inspired by our detective duo about all the exciting things to do in Östergötland.

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Culture couple

Follow our fictional couple on a cultural journey through Östergötland.

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Tourist service
Are you looking for more detailed information about the different destinations? Östergötland's tourist service will help you!

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