Häradskärs fyr i Gryt

The archipelago of Östergötland

Our archipelago is one of the brightest shining stars of Östergötland.

This is were you’ll get your fill of fresh air, adventure and all manners of watery bluish nuances!

Imagine a deep blue sea that awakens a longing for freedom, fresh breezes and adventure. In this beautiful archipelago it’s easy to find your favourite islands, whether you prefer peace and relaxation or exciting adventures.

Kayak enthusiasts with varying levels of experience flock to this unexploited
part of Sweden to paddle alone or in groups.The Östgöta archipelago consists of the Arkösund, St. Anna, Gryt and parts of Tjust archipelagos. You can explore the area by boat, car, public transport service (Östgötatrafiken) and boat tours. Thousands of islands
await you, many of them uninhabited except for a few grazing cows and sheep. The most popular and easily accessible locations are Arkösund, Tyrislöt, Fyrudden, Ekön, Stegeborg and the islands of Harstena and Häradskär.

Rare water lily on Harstena.

Sunset over Arkösund.

Sea eagle, a common sight in the archipelago.

The entire archipelago is dotted with small­scale businesses, and you’re guaranteed to find your own favourite place to return to year after year. We are quite sure you will find your own special place here – and while you’re at it, make sure to keep an eye out for the sea eagles and seals!

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Söderköping, S:t Anna skärgård
Telephone: +46(0)121-181 60
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Valdemarsvik, Gryts skärgård
Telephone: +46(0)123-122 00
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Norrköping, Arkösunds skärgård
Telephone: +46(0) 11-15 00 00
E-mail: External link.

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