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Along lake Vättern

Dive into the water, or history along the eastern shore of lake Vättern.

Where history comes alive

Here, you’ll find some of the most well-visited nature areas in Sweden – like Omberg, Tåkern and Varamobaden – along with historical sites, such as Vadstena and Skänninge.

On the eastern shore of lake Vättern, you’ll find some of Sweden’s most popular nature
areas such as Omberg, Tåkern and Varamobaden, a sandy freshwater beach. You can also visit historic locations that are so well preserved that it’s almost like travelling back a hundred years in time, to the era when the whole of Sweden was ruled from here.

Omberg is a wonderful location, whether you love peace and quiet or crave excitement and adventure. The area has spectacular nature, dramatic mountains and vast panoramic views. Naturum Tåkern is a visitor centre on the southern shore of lake Tåkern, a haven for bird­ watchers. Here you can also explore the exciting Fairytale Path of Princess Estelle, Duchess of Östergötland. The world’s largest recreational bicycle ride, Vättern­ rundan, starts and finishes in Motala. Here you can also visit Varamobaden beach, Sweden’s answer to Copacabana.

One of many birds at lake Tåkern.

Ellen Keys home Strand, a popular place to visit.

Varamobaden, ”Sweden’s Copacabana”.

Vadstena is widely regarded as one of Sweden’s most charming small towns, with its medieval buildings and cobbled streets. Meet kings and queens from past times at Vadstena Castle and visit Vadstena Abbey and St. Bridget’s Convent Church, a must for pilgrims from all over the world.

Don’t miss the medieval locality of Skänninge and experience the remnants of the old Alvastra monastery . And while you are here, make sure to experience the Hästholmen harbor with its grand view of lake Vättern.

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