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Southern Östergötland

A grand smorgasbord of delicious nature experiences.

An abundance of experiences for the nature lovers

Southern Östergötland is a paradise for nature lovers, offering unmissable natural surroundings and phenomena.

For example the pictu­resque Kinda canal, an 80 kilometre long green oasis packed with nature experiences on land and water all year round, and Trollegater, a cave system with hundreds of metres of tunnels.

The capital of Östergötland Linköping is a vibrant city with great shopping and a buzzing nightlife. It also boasts two of Sweden’s finest museums (source: Trip­
Advisor users): the Swedish Air Force Museum with their unique collection of aircraft, for example the exhibition about the Swedish DC­3 that was shot down in the 1950s and Gamla Linköping Open Air Museum with a unique environment with timber houses, cobbled streets, historic gardens and shops. Both museums are open with activities and events all year round.

MIG airplane at Flygvapenmuseum.

The world of Astrid Lindgren.

Ekenäs Castle, packed with myths and legends.

A jewel in southern Östergötland is lake Sommen with Torpön island. Drop by the visitor centre Naturum Sommen, ride a boat on the lake, swim in the clear water or sunbathe on a secluded island. Torpön is especially popular with cyclists and hikers. Just a stone’s throw away is Astrid Lindgren’s World, where visitors can meet beloved characters from Astrid
Lindgren’s children’s books and visit the author’s well­ preserved childhood home Näs.

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