Enjoy classic winter activities in Östergötland.

Illustrator: Daniella Lubkowitz

Östergötland in winter? Of course! Don’t be fooled by the passing plains as you take the motorway through Östergötland. Enjoy classic winter activities in Östergötland. Why not go skiing on one of our ski slopes, which have produced world stars such as Pernilla Wiberg and Ebba Årsjö.

Perhaps you prefer to lace up your long-distance ice skates and glide over one of our lakes or perhaps between the islets and skerries in the archipelago when the ice has settled.

For those who belong to the daring group of winter swimmers, you have both east and west to choose from. Take a refreshing swim in the Baltic Sea and experience the archipelago in its winter calmness or take a dip in Lake Vättern, which even in summer is considered one of the coldest swimming locations in Sweden.

In its winter colours, Östergötland is a quiet and beautiful landscape. Ice-covered canals and a snow-covered Omberg provide a different style of hiking. The small towns nearby appear as if taken from any Christmas film, while the cities can offer cosy shopping districts. In the harbour, the boats lie still while the hovercraft disappears over the sea to one of the islands.

It’s a different Östergötland, but one that still offers a little of everything and something for everyone.

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