These two cities are both wanting to show off their excellence.

Illustrator: Daniella Lubkowitz

Like a string of pearls next to the motorway that runs through Östergötland are Linköping and Norrköping. These two cities are like affectionate, bickering brothers, both rightly wanting to show off their excellence.

The old city of Linköping has a grand history as a diocese and features an impressive castle and cathedral. It was also the site of the Linköping bloodbath and the Battle of Stångebro. Today, it is home to a university and known for its outstanding research.

Norrköping was the hub of Swedish industrialisation. While the machines may have fallen silent here, the hum of energy lives on through the Industrial Landscape, with its new ventures of technology and experiences.

Why not take the opportunity to visit both cities, which are only 40 kilometres apart.

Take the opportunity to visit some of Linköping’s highlights, including the Air Force Museum, Östergötland Museum and the open-air museum Gamla Linköping, before continuing on to Norrköping to see the Industrial Landscape with the Museum of Work, Visualisation Centre and attractive shopping districts of Knäppingsborg.

And make sure not to miss the tram! Did you know that Norrköping is one of only four cities in Sweden to include trams in the public transport network?

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