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Östergötland has to be experienced

Östergötland is teeming with mystical, atmospheric places. Curious? Let the mystical inhabitants of these places explain more!

Stories from mysterious beings

Our mysterious beings tell their stories

Östergötland has to be experienced. But rather than you taking our word for it, we will hand over to those better suited to the job. Let us introduce our mystical beings who will describe in their own words their experiences of some special places in Östergötland.

Stone troll in Kolmården forest

Stone troll in Kolmården forest

Arriving at Kolmården was like coming home. Sleeping on a prickly bed of pine needles, eating wild mushrooms for breakfast and splashing around in a cool stream. I've become somewhat ungainly over the years, more difficult to move undetected and so forth. But here it was easy to meld in and observe the strangely hairless creatures. Without scaring them of course, well maybe just a little. It's so funny when they jump and shriek. But mostly I watch them secretly. Watch as they stumble around the trees with their funny hats, looking at birds through a strange contraption they hold up to their eyes. Must be some kind of modern magic – fascinating.

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Little Grey at Öna

We first came to Öna few hundred years ago became so attached to the place that we decided to move our whole family here. It's generally quite tranquil in the forest. Sometimes the rowdy human folk come clomping through the trees, tourists… No respect for nature. They rip up mushrooms from the earth as if it belonged to them. Shameless. But you can't expect much from such dim-witted creatures. If they make too much noise usually that the young ones set small traps for them, that usually sees them off. That's good. We like to have this lovely place to ourselves.

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The hairy one at Ramunderberget

I'm pretty sure I was a bird in my previous life. A magnificent bird. With resplendent plumage and a long powerful beak. Here at Ramundberget I live side-by-side with woodpeckers and wrynecks. They like to peck and burrow in my skin and to hide small treasures there. I have nothing against that, I enjoy the company. I just wish I could go with them when they set off over the treetops. I can just see myself winging my way down the mountainside to land gracefully on the surface of the water. But for now I'll have to be content with watching them from the land. But when that land is 70 metres above sea level, seems a bit stupid to complain.

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Giant insect at Säby Västerskog

Giant insect at Säby Västerskog

How did I end up in Säby Västerskog? Well, the answer is not obvious. You will not find anything more like primaeval forest in southern Sweden. Some of the trees here are up to 400 years old, and the stories they have collected over all their years in the forest are like no others. You should hear them chattering in the evenings when darkness has fallen. Then we have, of course, the forest’s magical selection of foods – here you will find both delicate green moss and rare live worts. Well, here's the thing. There's not much can beat that first refreshing mouthful in the morning before the sun has risen, while the dew still sits fresh on the grass. Good morning world, here I come!

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Fairy at Drabbisdal

Fairy at Drabbisdal

How can I describe Drabbisdal? It's hard to find the words. Right from the first meeting it clicked, like love at first sight. The singing leafy trees surrounding the old cottages, the delightful views over Lake Roxen and Blackbäcken, with its waters bubbling and dancing below the incline. My ancestors moved here for the first time more than 600 years ago and since then we have returned for many generations. A lot has changed during the years that have passed, but every time I see the cup and ring marks in the stones I'm reminded of my ancestors who ground grain between the stones. Now it's my turn!

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Lake monster in Ydre

Here in southern Östergötland there is everything a lake monster could want. Best of all there are loads of great lakes! The small Lake Välen outside Asby is a personal favourite, but if you're looking for something a little spacious like it's hard to beat Lake Sommen. Excellent aquatic climate, just the right number of fishy inhabitants and lovely bubbling currents to glide through. My favourite thing is to get up some good speed, stretch out my whole body and break the surface of the water and shake the water from my body. Sometimes I coil up on the nearest forest glade to breathe the fragrance of the pine needles, it is so tranquil and quiet here in the south.

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Queen Omma on Omberg

Queen Omma on Omberg

What would Omberg be without me? A beautiful mountain, for sure. Majestic, absolutely. But I would still maintain that throughout my years here on the hill I have been involved in a thing or two. And the years have mounted up, I believe we are up at 7,000 now. Or is that 8,000? Anyway, Omberg and I have been as one so long as I can remember. Soulmates until death do us part! During the bleakest days of the year I usually let my veil drop over the mountain. When the mist has drawn in enough my owls and I leave our castle on the north side of the mountain and head out to protect and enjoy our home. Our beloved Omberg which always offers up new surprises.

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Witch at Trollkäringeskogen

Well, it wasn't so sure that we would dare to stay here in Trollkäringeskogen forest. You can still almost smell the stench of burning from the 17th century witch trials. Fie, fie. Despite its dark history, we felt that this place belongs to us, just as it belonged to our ancestors. Our powers become stronger here, the forest holds an unbelievable amount of magic. You can feel its tingle on the soles of your feet, as the wind caresses your ankles. As if the forest was huffing and puffing out new magic with every breath. But we are careful to tell the young ones to stay away from nasty people, so that we don't meet the same fate as those that came before us.

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Mermaid in Lake Vättern

I have been around a bit in my life. But of all the water I have moved around in there is nothing compares with Lake Vättern with all its varied environments – especially when autumn arrives! Summer is magic of course, but then there are crowds of humans tramping along the shores and up in the forests around the lake. So myself I prefer the harsh weather of autumn. The temperatures drop and the storms roll in. The colours shift and the tourists start to thin out. Makes it easier for me to come up to the surface without being seen, glide towards the shores and perhaps even stretch out a little in the autumn sun on a stone by the water's edge.

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