"The door opened and from the safety of the mighty monastery church I stepped out to the hear the sound of singing birds. The sunlight struck my eyes and a warm scent of flowers appeared. -"I'll take the way past the monastery lilies", I thought for myself. The coffee could wait a little longer. A sea of white flowers, almost as if the nature wants to thank us for holding out every year. Then a short look at the bell tower before my walk continued down the pedestrian street. Here's another pace, a calmer pace. The sunbeams hits the houses and a young couple is hugging each other. A happy man walking his dog is waving at me and a little further down at the square, I hear music and laughter coming from one of the windows. I smile when I open the door to the flower shop. -"It's a big day" I reveal to the woman behind the counter, she smiles and stretches me the bouquet. Now it's all done. In the pocket is the little box. Out on the street I stop, close my eyes and take a deep breath. I hear music again, it's from the harbor park, it's in my direction. I follow the music and with the towers of the castle stretching against the sky, I see her, she waves at me and I feel happy. It's here I want to be ... "

/words by M. Liljeqvist