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Vadstena Abbey Church Vadstena Church
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Creative expression

Our history is a great source of creativity and inspiration. Here events, activities and experiences are arranged with our amazing surroundings as a scene. Here are the driving forces who create the history of the future through innovative performing arts and various creations.

Pilgrimage and recreation

Everyone who has ever been to Vadstena testifies to the special, almost magical atmosphere of the town. There is a special tranquility that provides space for recovery and recreation. Vadstena is one of the world's pilgrimage destinations, and people from all over the world come to hike, visit the abbey church or just to find peace and tranquillity in our beautiful surroundings. And there is plenty of it. Here you feel good.

Lake Vättern and plains

The nature is varied and apparently close, here is Omberg, Tåkern, the beautiful fertile Östgötaslätten and so Lake Vättern. Here the residents literally walk in the bathrobe down to the beach for a morning bath, and in the middle of town there are both sandy beaches and guest harbour.

Picturesque and medieval town center

Here you will find yourself in the middle of history, including castles, courtyards, monasteries and medieval buildings. The picturesque and cozy town center with cobblestone streets and ancient preserved wood and stone houses is charming, authentic and vibrant. Here you meet modern nuns on the way to and from the monastery building and a living trade. Our beautiful surroundings fascinate and create a unique environment and atmosphere.