Welcome to Östergötland

In south-east Sweden, less than 200 kilometres from Stockholm, a pleasant surprise awaits you – the beautiful countryside of Östergötland. Our province is packed with opportunities for a wonderful and active holiday: stay in fantastic nature, enjoy the silence and collect unforgettable holiday memories to take home. Paddle a kayak in an unspoilt archipelago, hike along marked trails or cycle along winding roads with a map and picnic in the rucksack. 

From Stone Age to high tech

Magical rune stone greetings from times gone by alternate with living industrial history and fascinating museums in Östergötland. Did you know that technology from Åtvidaberg was used to go into space? And if you plan to go into space on your next holiday, chances are that you’ll prepare for it in Linköping!

The towns of Vadstena and Söderköping were once important power centres in medieval Sweden. Envision it as you stroll through the picturesque quarters and enjoy the small town idyll and charming shops. Linköping Cathedral, another historic gem, is not just an impressive building but also contains exciting modern art guaranteed to raise your eyebrows. At Östergötland Museum and its subsidiaries around the region, you will find even more information about Östergötland – what it was like yesterday, what it’s like today and how the region is being shaped for the future!

Western Östergötland

Hike along the beautiful Östgötaleden walking trail, enjoy Eco-park Omberg with the fantastic nature and the incredible views, or take a swim in the clear water of Lake Vättern. Do as the Pilgrims and visit the historical town of Vadstena, their destination the Convent Church with St. Birgitta’s reliquary and monastery.

Central Östergötland

Stroll along “Sweden’s Greatest Wonder” the Göta Canal – or explore it by boat. Discover the city of Linköping located on the stunning Östgöta plains, or travel back in time and experience Swedish small town life a hundred or more years ago in Old Linköping Open-Air Museum.

Eastern Östergötland

Explore the hidden archipelago, thousands of islands and home to sea eagles and seals. Visit the city of Norrköping with the beautiful and unique industrial landscape or meet a moose in real life.


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Quick facts about Östergötland

Area: 10,562 km²

Form of government (Sweden): Constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy

Seat of county government: Linköping (153.000 inhabitants)

Language: Swedish. Many Swedes also speak good English.

Currency: Swedish krona (SEK)

Opening hours: Banks are usually open Monday–Friday 10–15;. Shops are open Monday–Friday 10–18, Saturday 10–14. Shopping malls have longer opening hours and are also open on Sunday. Food shops in the larger cities and towns are usually open 8–20.

Exchange facilities: In banks, or in currency exchanges, where the opening hours are longer.

In case of illness: SOS emergency phone number is 112. For the Medical Advice Service phone 1177

Time zone: CET (UTC+1), CEST (UTC+2)

Drinking water: Tap water is safe to drink.

Average temperatures: January: -2.8°C/27.0°F. July: +17.2°C/63.0°F

Hours of daylight: January 6 hours. July: 18 hours