The Pilgrim Circuit - Exploring Lake Tåkern by bike

Do you enjoy cycling and have an interest in exercise, the open air and glorious churches with exciting histories? If so, the new “Pilgrim Circuit” bike trail could be for you. 

The Pilgrim Circuit stretches a total of 95 kilometers around Lake Tåkern. The starting and end points are the same. Bike all the way around the lake. Pass Vadstena, Skänninge, Naturum (Nature Centre) by Tåkern, The Smoke Stone, Alvastra and beautiful Omberg. If you want to stop along the way, you can visit a range of churches (12 in total), located in three different counties. Be sure to collect a stamp from each church you visit.  


Churches along The Pilgrim Circuit

Klosterkrykan (The Abbey) in Vadstena (Blue church), 

Orlunda Church,

Vårfru (Our Lady) Church in Skänninge,

Bjälbo Church,

Appuna Church,

Kumla Church (smallest church in the diocese)

Svanhals Church,

Rök kyrka (The Rök stone, longest runic inscription on stone)

Heda Church,

Roglösa Church,

Örberga Church,

Nässja Church.


The Pilgrim Centre in Vadstena

The Pilgrim Centre by the Holy Birgitta Abbey is the natural starting point in Vadstena. The Pilgrim Centre is a place for all of Sweden’s pilgrims and is run by the Church of Sweden in the Linköpings diocese. It is a meeting place for people on their way. Here you are given the opportunity to walk, rest, reflect and experience new interactions. You can stay with us and participate in various activities. You can also just be. In the midst of the Abbey, lake Vättern and Örtagården (Old abbey herb garden) next door, The Pilgrim Centre and Vadstena offer a fantastic environment for reflection. We pray the Liturgy of the Hours together in the Abbey or in our own chapel. Every morning we celebrate mass at 8:00 am. 


Guest house

The Pilgrim Centre has 14 beds in shared rooms with access to toilets, showers, a kitchen and a common room. We can also provide recommendations on other lodgings close by.



In our fair-trade café you can enjoy home baked bread and hot beverages in a lovely and relaxing environment. 

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday  10 am -4  pm


Prayer life

You are welcome to attend the Liturgy of the Hours in the Holy Birgitta Abbey (Klosterkyrkan) and in our chapel Monday-Saturday. 



The Pilgrim Centre arranges and offers a rich assortment of courses, meetings, retreats and walks throughout the year. You can find more information on all the events in our program. 


The Pilgrim shop

In our shop you can find books for inspiration further reflection, and if you are planning a hike, we also have equipment and anything else you might need on your journey. 



The Pilgrim Centre in Vadstena

Address: Klostergatan 7 • 592 30 Vadstena, Sweden

Telephone: +46 (0)143–105 71





Tuesday-Saturday  10 am - 4  pm