Väderstad Centralkrog- Hearty Meals for Travelers

The restaurant Väderstad Centralkrog is located on the E4 motorway in a former flower shop. Homemade dishes supplied by locals, with sweet treats available next door, are worth the small detour.

What? Väderstad Centralkrog

Where? Folkungavägen 12, Väderstad

When? Opening hours: Mon – Wed 11.30 am – 2.30 pm, Thurs – Fri 11.30 am – 8 pm, Sat – Sun 12 – 3 pm. From Monday to Friday, four daily specials are available for lunch. In the evening and on weekends, you can eat à la carte.

About 20 years ago, Helen and Thomas Schwenke bought the bakery Centralkonditoriet in Väderstad. Over time, they turned the old-established confectionery into a popular destination. Meanwhile, their customers kept asking for more: „Do you serve warm food as well?” they’d ask. From this the idea to open an easily accessible restaurant in the region of Östergötland was born.

„Due to the proximity to the E4 motorway, which runs through all of Sweden, we wanted to offer an alternative to the typical rest areas. Many find the usual restaurants along the highway careless and the quality of the food disappointing,” says Thomas Schwenke.


Initially, the couple wanted to build their own novel restaurant right on the highway. But when the old flower shop in Väderstad became vacant, only 3 km from the motorway exit and a few meters from the pastry shop, the Schwenkes recognized the potential of the city-center location. They renovated and extended the charming house built in 1929, and opened Väderstad Centralkrog about six years ago.

„Now we have a restaurant right next to the pastry shop where we work every day. We are happy to see that travelers are willing to take the small detour from the highway into the village for good food and homemade cinnamon buns,” says Thomas.

Because Helen and Thomas Schwenke are busy with the confectionery, they have left the restaurant to the expertise of a local chef. Roger Johansson himself lives in Väderstad, and has worked in the food industry for many years.

„I run Väderstad Centralkrog, together with my wife Madeleine. We both have a passion for good food and we cook with love. We prepare our dishes from scratch, and only high-quality ingredients find their way into the pot,” says Roger Johansson.

Väderstad Centralkrog has quickly become a culinary oasis for travelers and locals alike. Every working day, Roger's team provides the employees of agricultural machinery manufacturer Väderstad-Verken with a healthy lunch. In addition, he offers his popular sandwich cakes for family gatherings and take-away meals for those in a hurry.

„We have 150 seats and space for large groups. Good food, theater nights and events bring life to the village,” says Roger. Travelers who stop by get not only a healthy bite cooked with love, but also a lasting memory on their trip.