Camp Out Under the Stars with Ostkustenkajak

Imagine paddling to a remote island in a kayak, eating al fresco and sleeping in a suspended tent under the stars, with a serene and picturesque landscape as a backdrop. In the Gryt archipelago, you can camp in a tree tent for an unforgettable night in nature.

What? Ostkustenkajak

Where? KustCamp Ekön in Gryt

When? Mid-May to the end of September. Please book overnight stays in the tree tents in advance.

Opening hours of Ostkustenkajak:

May 19 – June 18: 10 am – 5 pm, daily

June 19 – August 20: 9 am – 6 pm, daily

August 21 – September 23: 10 am – 5 pm, daily


The kayak splits the water surface, the sun glitters on the waves. Only a few kilometers from Ostkustenkajak’s base — the campsite KustCamp Ekön in Gryt — lies the island of Gloön, which we approach with rhythmic paddle strokes.

We joined Christian Swanson, founder of Ostkustenkajak, his son Tim and seasonal helper Amanda in building a tree tent on Gloön. As the name suggests, the tent is attached to tree trunks with ropes, and the end structure is suspended in the air Within the next few hours, two guests are expected to come to the island for an overnight stay

„Usually we give the guests instructions so that they can set up the tent themselves. It only takes ten minutes, even if you have never done it. We make an exception for you,” Christian says. He founded the kayak rental in 2010 and started offering trips with overnight stays in tree tents — an uplifting experience, so to speak! Christian and his colleague Amanda attach the sturdy ropes to tree trunks and, before you know it, the tent is ready for overnight guests.

„The tree tents have become extremely popular in recent years. They are much more comfortable than tents on the ground because they mold to the body like a hammock. In addition, many travelers do not like to crawl into a small cave on the ground. The tree tent lifts you up,” Christian says with a smile.

Shortly after Christian, Tim and Amanda head back to the mainland, another kayak comes gliding towards the island. Karin Nilsson —who works at the campsite KustCamp Ekön —and her friend Kerstin Hampusson, have been paddling all day, with just a short stop on the island of Kättelön where Karin's parents have their summer house.

The girlfriends spend the evening on the island of Gloön – the Swedish way, with bathing and cooking over an open fire. Sleeping in a tree tent is a new experience for them both. ”We have a tradition of doing something together in nature every summer. This year we wanted to try the tree tent – that’s really exciting!” Karin says. We wave goodbye with our paddles and leave the island to the ladies.

The next day, Karin is thrilled: “To lie in the tent and look at the stars —that was a powerful feeling. It’s normal to wake up early when you stay outdoors – mostly because you are in a tent that feels confined and hot. The tree tent was absolutely different: we just pushed aside the cover, lay comfortably under the mosquito net, floated in the fresh air and enjoyed the sunrise. What a blaze of colors! What could be a better place to hang out in the morning?”

Karin is convinced that it was not her last night in a tree tent!

Good to know:

  • Ostkustenkajak, with its base at the campsite KustCamp Ekön in Gryt, offers kayak trips with overnight stays in a tree tent. When picking up your kayak, you will be given instructions on how to set up the tent, along with tips on which islands are best for your overnight stay. The tree tent package includes kayak rental for two days and one overnight stay.
  • A tree tent is an innovative tent, which is attached to tree trunks and held in the air by special tensioning ropes. We recommend a height of between 30 and 180 cm above the ground. It can also be set up on the ground just like a regular tent.
  • The tree tent includes a mosquito net and a pull-over rain cover.