Quiet places along Östgötaleden

What defines a quiet place?

There are a handful of places along Östgötaleden that have been identified as "quiet places". A "quiet area" refers to a place where there is no disturbance from social activities, far from the noise of traffic and other sounds typically associated with built-up environments.

We started out looking talking to locals living and working in areas along Östgötaleden in order to areas they believed to be quiet and calm. We also focused on finding locations that also offered a variety of nature- and culture experiences. These can be places with a view, in a old forest or a culture landscape. The locations needed few buildings, roads, or powerlines. 

After locating potential quiet places, we did four 15 minute measures of the level of sound, with a great variety of day, time of the day, wind and weather. The average level of sound in different locations in nature is between 36-40 dBA. The chosen quiet places along Östgötaleden are down to 30 dBA.