Östergötland brought together by the water

Östergötland is beautifully situated between the clear water of Lake Vättern and the exciting Archipelago of Östergötland. The big bodies of water are connected by Motala Ström and, of course, Sweden’s biggest structure Göta Canal.

The water is present everywhere in the region: River Svartån flows from the highland in the southwest and the canoe-friendly River Lotorpsån from the north. There are thousands of lakes of varying sizes in Östergötland, and you can be sure to find your own favourite!

We can also recommend Kinda Canal, which will take you through the city centre of Linköping, via oak landscape and pastures, and lakes and winding rivers to the beautiful Lake Åsunden. If you don’t have your own boat, there are passenger boats that offer trips along this lovely idyll – or as we say ‘Eighty kilometres of wonderful Swedish summer!

Recommended activities on water