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Paradise awaits, Östergötland Archipelago is of world class at every level

Say the word ‘archipelago’ and most of us get a dreamy look in our eyes. For many, the archipelago symbolises the unique richness of Swedish nature – a glittering bright blue sea, cliffs warmed by the sun, freshly smoked fish and magical days that never want to end. The archipelagos of St Anna, Gryt and Arkösund are of absolute top class. Together they form Östergötland Archipelago, a marine paradise with thousands of islands and skerries, and a fauna that makes fishing enthusiasts and professionals from all over Europe come to Östergötland. And, yes, the pike fishing is indeed among the best in the world.

In recent years, this previously relatively untapped – and difficult to access by anyone without own transport – paradise has opened up more and more to visitors. Today, anyone can get here by public transport or taxi boat, and there are small visitor-friendly archipelagos like Harstena and Mon with a fish smokehouse and bakery. The range of activities on offer has also been broadened and raised a level, with everything from culinary journeys of local produce to seal safaris and adventures in sea kayaks – a development that is taking place cautiously and in harmony with the soul of the archipelago, the original, genuine and unspoilt.

For those who choose to spend a few days in Östergötland Archipelago, a memory for life awaits.

"The potential of experience tourism with kayaking, fishing, cycling, climbing and hiking is enormous. We have great breadth and variation here in Östergötland, and that favours all of us who target active people who are rarely satisfied with just doing one thing when they come to visit," says Christian Swanson who runs Ostkustenkajak, which has its base at the holiday facility KustCamp Ekön.

Östergötland Archipelago is a well-known destination in kayaking circles, appreciated, not least, for its ease of access and diversity. Here you can paddle in lee inside the skerries and explore deep bays, or make your way out to the outer isles towards the open sea. Most of the islands are uninhabited and the Right of Public Access applies.

The majority of those who choose to spend their holiday in Östergötland Archipelago are Swedes, but rumours of its beauty and wide-ranging experiences are spreading fast and the foreign markets are growing strongly.

"The archipelago’s geographic location with its proximity to several airports means that, in principle, we can pick up our guests from the airport on Friday evening, drive them out, serve dinner and put them up in a hotel, then two days of kayaking with a chef who goes out to them and cooks – the possibilities are almost endless. On Monday morning they can be back at work, talking about their experiences," explains Christian Swanson.


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