Delve Into Nature at Lake Tåkern with Naturum Tåkern

In Glänås, on the shore of lake Tåkern, lies the visitor center Naturum. The reed-covered building, designed by world-famous architect Gert Wingårdh, is one of Sweden's most extraordinary destinations, nestled in the midst of nature. Here, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy guided tours, exhibitions and birdwatching.

What? Naturum Tåkern

Where? Glänås, on the southern shore of lake Tåkern

When? Open from 10 am to 5 pm, daily, from April to September for activities and guided tours. The opening hours and program during the low season can be found on the website:


„A barn in the style of a gothic cathedral.” That’s how one visitor described Naturum Tåkern.

Inside, the building is spacious, bright and harmonious, with walls and floors made from untreated Swedish pine wood. The facade is clad in reed, giving it a traditional, thatched appearance. The natural material and the modern, straightforward design make for an eye-catching piece of architecture, which stands out in the rural countryside location. This effect is no coincidence: the building was designed by renowned architects Gert Wingårdh and Johan Edblad, of the famous architectural firm Wingårdh.

The visitor center is a well-thought-out hub, perfect for discovering nature and culture at Lake Tåkern. Since its opening in 2012, half a million nature lovers have found peace and inspiration here, and admission is free for all who visit. Lake Tåkern is especially well-known for its variety of birds, and the bird tower makes it easy to watch for common and rare species alike.

By the way, did you know that the lovely Princess Estelle is Duchess of Östergötland? In front of the entrance to the Naturum, you’ll find the starting point of a fairytale trail for families, which is dedicated to The Duchess. The 700m-long path leads along the lakeshore, through the forest and over an orchid meadow. Along the way there are several stations with figures and scenes that encourage children to play and discover their surroundings.

„In summer we invite you to join nature experts for a closer look into the lake’s wildlife. A guide takes you to a good spot by the water and we catch small animals with a landing net. The flora and fauna at lake Tåkern is remarkable and there is an incredible number of different insects,” says Kjell Antonsson, biologist and guide at Naturum. When the nets are full, he takes the visitors to the lab located in the main building. Each person is given a stereomicroscope so that they can inspect the tiny inhabitants of lake Tåkern.

„I always say: ‘Everyone should have a microscope at home.’ That makes life more exciting,“ Kjell adds with a chuckle.

Good to know:

  • The Naturum Tåkern Visitor Center was inaugurated on May 25, 2012 and is dedicated to the unique nature and history of lake Tåkern. The main building spans 500 m², and boasts a cinema, laboratory, aquarium and exhibition space. There is also a bird tower and hiking trails.
  • Everyone is welcome and admission is free.
  • The program includes guided tours, bird watching, theme days and lectures.
  • Guided tours, educational events and conferences can be arranged on request throughout the year.
  • Naturum Tåkern is owned by Naturvårdsverket, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, and run by the county administrative board of Östergötland.