Do the North

Wilderness Culinary & Kayaking Adventure in the Saint Anna Archipelago

4 days of wilderness cooking, foraging and paddling among 6,000 remote islands off Sweden's beautiful east coast. We’re located in the Saint Anna Archipelago, along a gorgeous stretch of the Swedish East Coast where thousands of islands, almost all of them uninhabited, tell their own story of the glacier ice sheets which once covered them. Our unique culinary adventure is a decadent tour of Swedish cuisine, while experiencing our stunning wilderness by kayak. We camp in the wild, and in the evenings and mornings, we cook up delicious dishes on the fire using lots of local and foraged ingredients.

During the day, we explore the maze of islands, paddling through bird sanctuaries and clusters of islets, and if weather conditions allow, we head to the outer archipelago with the blue horizon and the open sea as our backdrop.

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