Spend a night in the forest by a lake

Sleep in a unique glass house with the stars in the sky above you and the wilderness lake in front of you. Listen to the sound of the rich wild life and the silence. In the morning you wake up to the sunlight and the song of the birds.

When staying at Hotel Sommarhagen, you will get an experience beyond the ordinary – a night in a Glass house by the lake!

After your breakfast at the hotel, you will get a map and instructions and off you go on your hike in the forest. Walk straight in to nature on soft forest paths and over steep rocky hills. Mysterious lakes and a fantastic John Bauer landscape surrounds you.

After a hike of 6 km you will reach your glass house and wilderness lake of your own. Here you will find your equipment and food for the stay.
At the lakeside your will find your canoe.

Revel in the silence whilst paddling in wilderness lake, embark on an island or just listen to the birds sing. Perhaps you’ll enjoy a bath in the lake before the sun sets and it is time to light the fire and prepare your meal.

Then you go to sleep in your comfortable bed, looking up on the stars above you, listening to the sounds of the wild animals and the wind in the trees.
After a good night sleep in the silence, you will wake up at sunrise, listening to the birds singing.

There are also a lot of mooses in the area - maybe you can see them just outside your glass wall! Hiking, canoeing, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms (to cook for your dinner?) - or just to be there, listen to the silence and experience the nature.


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