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The beautiful Swedish east coast

St. Anna archipelago


St. Anna archipelago, with all its islets and reefs, is a delight to experience with a kayak or canoe. Whether you are a novice or experienced paddler, it's a great way to get closer to nature and island life. Pack a picnic and paddle out in the beautiful archipelago and enjoy peaceful surroundings. Make a stop at a small island and take a cooling dip in the sea. Experience the rich bird life up close, and maybe you will also get a glimpse of a seal. In the St. Anna archipelago, there are several lessor of kayaking and canoeing. They also offers courses and guided tours to suit large and small groups, beginners and experienced paddlers. Would you like to take a tour on your own, there are several exciting suggested routes to follow and experienced lessors who are happy to help you.

The coast from Arkösund to Gryt is perfect for kayaking. Here you will find a fine cut archipelago with an incredible number of leafy islets and reefs, where you have the chance to be all alone when you've pitched your tent. For even more wilderness feel you paddle out into the outer archipelago, with its barren polished rocks. If you are lucky you will see both seals and sea eagles. Yet it is close to amenities including shops, restaurants, charming hotels and hostels.

  • If you have no own kayak there are several rentals and organizers of kayak trips for experienced paddlers as well as beginners.
  • If you want to kayak while visiting St. Anna, read more about one of the options here!

Södra Finnö

Södra Finnö, with its unique nature reached through road 210 and further on the road 818. Here you can ride Icelandic horses and this is where Torpa nature camping is located.

Norra Finnö

Offering accommodation, beaches, and service. The tourist information at the Lagnö nature reserve can help with tips for a successful holiday - open during the high season. The archipealgo museum in Tyrislöt teaces you about a bygone era.

Ecumenical chapel

An ecumenical chapel on the island Gärsholmen in the outlet of Slätbaken. On Sundays from May to September you can take the churchboat from Kungshällsudden in Bottna who will arrive in time for service.


Gryt Archipelago

The Gryt and Tjust archipelago in Valdemarsvik offer unimaginable swimming and boating opportunities. From the town of Valdemarsvik, next to the only fjord on the east coast, the 212 road takes you straight out to the very outskirts of the archipelago in less than 20 minutes.

The area provides so many ways to experience the archipelago. Ekön Camping, with its broad horizon, offers an intense archipelagic experience. From Fyrudden (Lighthouse Cape) you can take one of the Skärgårdslinjen boats and experience the archipelago up close, or hike the Östgötaleden walking trail, with a sea view and unspoiled countryside through the Kvädö, Åsvik and Torrö nature reserves in the southern area of the municipality.

Together with the town of Valdemarsvik, Fyrudden and Gryts Varv (Shipyard) at Hummelvik are natural hubs and meeting places for a lot of people on their way out to an Östgöta Archipelago adventure.

In the Gryt and Tjust archipelago there are numerous isolated islands that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing and fishing. But there are also a lot of genuine fishing villages that are worth a visit. Harstena, famous for shipping forecasts and seal hunting, is probably the most famous of them all. A few nautical miles from Harstena are Håskö and Ämtö. Further south lies Häradskär, a lighthouse and pilot boat station, and at the mouth of the Valdemarsvik bay lies Bokö. One thing they all have in common is the range of accommodation available. On the mainland there is a good selection of accommodation alternatives including hotels, guest houses, cabins and camp sites.

  • The guest marinas at Fyrudden, Gryts Varv and in the centre of Valdemarsvik offer great bunkering facilities and good service.
  • Gubbö kupa (cup) is one of the area's best lookout points, where the sunsets are dizzyingly beautiful. Take one of the archipelago boats out on a seal safari from Fyrudden on a balmy summer evening. At Torrö they organise fishing trips, including weekend trips.
  • When you visit Gryt, you shouldn't miss Finnö Fisk, who sell fresh and smoked fish
  • If you are interested in golf, there is a 9 hole course with alternative tees and a 9 hole Pay & Play course if you aren't yet a hardened golfer.
  • If you want to kayak while visiting Gryt, read more about one of the options here!

Arkösund Archipelago

Arkösund is the archipelago closest to Norrköping. It is a picturesque turn of the century idyll located on the south side of the entrance to Bråviken, where the islands of the Östgöta archipelago are to be seen just beyond the coastline. Arkösund is the hub for all those travelling out to the islands using either their own boats or enjoying a cruise with the Archipelago line Skärgårdslinjen

The inner bay of Bråviken attracts many visitors to the Kolmården Zoo situated on the northern coastline and to the nature reserve of Svensksundsviken on the south side.

But it is from Arkösund that the archipelago can be best enjoyed in all its glory. Amenities include guest harbours, fuel for the boats, shops, handicrafts and a lively community spirit. The jetty offers the discerning visitor the choice of smoked or fresh fish and from the hotel veranda guests can wonder at the view of the harbour whilst enjoying freshly caught and prepared fillet of perch.

Enjoy a wander around Kvarnberget and admire the boats tied up to the jetties or take a stroll past a small, secluded swimming area called Badholmarna and admire the magnificent view over the open sea.

South of Arkösund the archipelago displays its many islands like a long string of pearls and Lönshuvud offers an equally outstanding view or the archipelago outside Söderköping. Many boats begin their journey here en route to Söderköping and Göta Canal. The first lock is located at Mem and the canal continues on for a further 190 km before reaching Sjötorp at lake Mälaren.