The archipelago of Östergötland

This is were you’ll get your fill of fresh air, adventure and all manners of watery bluish nuances! And the best part is that our archipelago has something for the activity junkies as well as the outdoorsy couch potatoes.

Arkösund, S:ta Anna and Gryt are the hotspots in the Östergötland archipelago but the amount of islands around here are in the thousands. Some of them are inhabited, some are not – and some islands are presided over by grazing cows and sheep.

The most well visited places, and also easiest to reach, are Arkösund, Tyrislöt, Fyrudden, Ekön, Stegeborg, Harstena and Häradskär. You can go to these places, among many others, with your own boat or car – or by local buses or ferries, if you prefer. Also, the archipelago is sprinkled with local entrepreneurs who will make your stay here even better.

We are quite sure you will find your own special place here – and while you’re at it, why not take a kayak trip, in a group or by yourself? And make sure to keep an eye out for the eagles and seals!

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Kayak around the Östgöta archipelago

Gliding across the water in a kayak in the Östgöta Archipelago is an experience like no other. This natural haven, located in Sweden’s southeast, is made up of three island clusters – Arkösund, St. Anna and Gryt. Many of the thousands of islands found here are uninhabited, while others – Arkösund, Tyrislöt, Fyrudden and Ekön included – are livelier and studded with independent shops and eateries waiting to be discovered. Paddle from island to island at your own pace and dock at any spot that takes your fancy – perhaps to enjoy a picnic, take a sunset dip or pitch a tent for the night and waking up to birdsong.