Northern part of Östergötland

The northern parts of Östergötland is not only home to one of the best soccer teams in Sweden – it also offers great nature experiences, historical industry areas and the greatest zoo in the Nordics.

In Norrköping is the uniquely well-preserved Industrilandskapet (Industrial area) where you can experience the Museum of Work, Louis De Geer Concert & Congress Hall, the Norrköping City Museum and Visualizing Center C.

At Visualizing Center C, you can watch 3D movies in 360° in the cupola shaped cinema and even dissect a 2 300 year old mummy, on an interactive visualizing table. And outside, the city pulse is evident – on the streets, where you can jump on a tram to get to your next Norrköping experience.

The Kolmården zoo, which is home to 60 different animal species, is situated just outside Norrköping. We urge you to try out the Safari cableway, to get a nice view of the whole area from the sky.

Bamse’s World is truly popular among the smallest kids, while the slightly older ones usually love the Wildfire rollercoaster – which has been crowned the best rollercoaster in Europe and the third best roller-coaster in the world. And if you are more inclined towards keeping your feet on the ground, we recommend hiking around Marmorbruket or simply stroll through Knäppingsborgskvarteren.

Området kring Finspång fullkomligt osar av brukshistoria. Här hittar du till exempel Reijmyre Glasbruk som varit en kändis i glasvärlden ända sedan 1810. Vidare norrut finns även Häfla Hammarsmedja, som anses vara Sveriges bäst bevarade järnbruk.

The Finspång area offers beautiful forests and watercourses, which are excellent for canoeing. Also, this is the place to go if you are more into ”dark tourism”. In Trollkäringeskogen, you can take a guided tour re-volving around the first witch process in Sweden, four hundred years ago. And for anyone more interested in the brighter side of history, the S:ta Maria church offers fantastic mural painting from the 1400’s – and Finspångs Slott, the largest baroque castle in Sweden, is just nearby.

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