Northern Östergötland

The area in and around Finspång in the northern part of Östergötland has a rich legacy of rural industrial history, beautiful forested areas, and lakes ideal for paddling. Here, at the heart of Rejmyre Hantverksby, you can visit Reijmyre Glassworks, internationally renowned since 1810 for its glassmaking tradition and still in operation today. Slightly further north, Häfla Hammer Forge is testament to the Swedish industrial era, and is regarded as Sweden’s best-preserved ironworks.


In northernmost Östergötland, we recommend a visit to S:ta Maria kyrka (St. Mary’s church) with its wonderful 13th century frescoes, and Finspång Castle one of Sweden’s largest baroque manor houses, set amidst stunning landscape in the heart of Finspång.

If you enjoy ‘dark tourism’, take a guided tour through Trollkäringe forest, where a gruesome chain of events 400 years ago led to Sweden’s first big witch trial and the cruellest witch hunt in Swedish history…