Norrköping is famous for many things, including football and yellow trams, but the city’s most unique feature is probably the Industrial Landscape. Attractions in the area include the Museum of Work, the concert hall and convention centre Louis De Geer konsert & kongress, Norrköping City Museum and Visualization Center C, all located within well-preserved historic settings bearing testimony to the former textile and pulp industry. The factories have long closed down, but today the area is still vibrant with activity from local inhabitants, students, and tourists. At Visualization Center C you can enjoy a 360° movie experience in 3D in the dome-shaped cinema and desiccate a 2,300 year-old mummy with the help of an interactive visualisation table.

Kolmården is Scandinavia’s largest wildlife park (and, in our opinion, the best one). It is located just outside Norrköping. The park has 60 animal species, and your visit supports the important mission to protect endangered animal species. Don’t forget to ride on the wonderful Safari cable car for a bird’s-eye view of the animals. Bamse’s World, dedicated to the cartoon character Bamse, is popular with younger visitors, while slightly older children never tire of riding on the Wildfire roller coaster. This is hardly surprising, since it’s been named the best roller coaster in Europe and the third best in the world!

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