Kinda kanal

Welcome to the picturesque Kinda kanal, an 80 kilometre long green oasis packed with nature experiences on land and water all year round. Thanks to excellent transport connections by train, bus, car and air, this area is perfect for a weekend break where you can enjoy hiking, paddling, cycling or just relaxing.

Kinda kanal stretches from lake Roxen north of Linköping to the localities of Horn and Hycklinge on the southern shores of lake Åsunden. Since 1871, the Canal has been an important and scenic route through the heart of Östergötland. At that time it had just opened as a transport route, and contributed to the area’s development by opening new opportunities for trade and communication, linking the forest areas in the south with the agricultural plains in the north.

Stay and eat at a local hotel. During the day you can go hiking or paddling in stunning natural surroundings and enjoy a cruise on the M/S Kind passenger boat. The towns of Linköping, Rimforsa, Kisa, Horn and Björkfors all make excellent bases for exploring the area. 

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