Göta canal

Boasting 58 impressive locks and 21 guest marinas, the 190 kilometre long Göta canal is one of the largest construction projects in Swedish history, attracting over 3 million visitors every year. Explore the legendary Göta canal by boat, bicycle or on foot. Half the length of the canal was dug by hand, and the rest winds its way through beautiful lakes and rivers. 

The part of the canal that is situated in Östergötland starts in Motala and ends in Mem outside Söderköping (or vice versa, depending on your perspective). A popular cycling route runs from Borensberg-Berg. The locks in Berg are one of the canal’s top attractions and one of Sweden’s most spectacular constructions. Here, seven interlinked locks form a series of ‘steps’ that raise of lower boats 18.8 metres.

At the other end of the canal is the idyllic small town of Söderköping. Relax at a restaurant in the canal harbour and watch the old canal boats passing by, or stroll through the picturesque Drothem quarter. You can also take the steps up to the viewpoint on Ramunderberget to enjoy a vast panoramic view of Söderköping, Göta canal and the surrounding countryside.

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