Östgötaleden in Mjölby


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Stage 1 Bleckenstad - Södragården (Lundbyvallen) - 8 kilometers

The hike starts at Bleckenstad farm, a place dating back to the year 4000 BC, on the border between Mjölby and Boxholm municipality.

The route is mostly on trails and forest roads, past old village environments, mostly through easy-to-walk woodland. On the route there are four wind shelter with barbecue area and overnight accommodation and an outdoor terrace near Bleckenstad.

Connection leader: Just west of Bleckenstad, the trail connects south towards Linnefors-Strålsnäs-Boxholm and connection to a windshield canoe trail at Svartån east of Bleckenstad.

Stage 2 Södragården - Skogssjön's swimming and outdoor facility - 4.4 km

The stage initially follows the cycle path past and through the residential area Ryttarhagen and then follow a path up to a height named Kungshögarna. The height was used for a long time as a burial ground andHere you can discern several judge rings, bow stones, trusses and burial mounds.

In the northern part of Kungshögarna the trail divides into a connection through the city via the Burensköldsvägen road to the Railway station.
If you follow the other part you will go through streets and sidewalks past the residential area Tunet and further on a tractor road and tunnel under the E4 into Skogssjön's nature reserve.

Here follows the trail on paths, the so-called ice age track, which, via message boards, tells about pebbles and dead ice pits, as well as the flora and fauna found here. You reach after a while the southern part of Lake Skogsjön where the trail divides. One part of the trail turns off towards the municipality's bathing and outdoor facilities, the other continues towards Örbacken's nature reserve.

Stage 3 Forest lake bathing and outdoor facility - Örbacken Nature Reserve - 6 kilometers

From the division south of Skogssjön, the trail winds its way to the gravel road that separatesSkogssjön from the wetland on the other side. The trail then goes east and crosses the railway at Lycketorp. Further north through the easy walk and beautiful forest terrain to eventually reach the Örbacken nature reserve.

The limestone enclosure is framed by a well-groomed and beautiful meadow and in the middle of the lime-rich rippling water there are, for example, nine different orchid species and the carnivorous plant silage hair.
Örbacken's nature reserve is now included in Natura 2000 - the EU's network of valuable nature.

Public transportation


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Map stage 1

Map stage 2

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Hiking trail 1 starts at Bleckenstad farm at Svartån. Here is a bus stop along road 32 between Mjölby and Boxholm.