Green Pilgrimage

Norrköping, Ödeshög

Pilgrim Trail between Ödeshög and Vadstena.

The terrain of the trail is varied. Most often it's an easy walk on the road or on tracks. The section over Omberg is more demanding as it is more hilly. If you want an easier walk you can choose to walk on the main road.

The trail is marked as Östgötaleden until Omberg. From Alvastra over Omberg to Holy Heart's monastery, it is marked both as Klosterleden and as Östgötaleden. After the monastery of the Holy Heart, it is Klosterleden.

Thera are bus stops in Ödeshög, Hästholmen, Alvastra, Borghamn, Rogslösa and Vadstena. Except from Ödeshög and Vadstena, the buses are not very frequent.

You can drink the water from Lake Vättern and water from the streams in the woods. For safety reasons, the water should be boiled. Tap water is available at various points of interest.

Remember to take good care. Wear suitable clothing that is easy to put on and take offas it can be windy in open areas. Also recommended is rainwear, a sunhat and good walking footwear. A hiking pole is an old pilgrimage tradition which adds extra help with trekking and is nice to lean against during a break.

For a pilgrim, the inner experience is as important as the outward journey. At the points of interest, you will find both information about interesting culture and nature and also suggestions for devotions and prayers. Please take the oppurtunity to meditate and pray while taking breaks. Just like the body feels good after a sip of water and a handful of raisins, the soul and mind needs nourishment as well.

More about pilgrimage, general prayers, psalm suggestions, etc. can be found under the document and links tab. Birgitta's prayer comes along all the way: Lord, show me your way and make me willing to walk it.

Pax et bonum!


As a pilgrim you can enjoy the seven key words:


About them and much more you can read the Pilgrimage Center's website: More about being a pilgrim