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Longviken- a peaceful and quiet place by the sea


Start your 5 kilometers walk from Kråkvik and head south in the beautiful nature reserve Åsvikelandet. Your destination is about 150 meters away from the natural harbor in Långviken and there is wind shelter and toilet. If you prefer a shorter distance it is possible to park at the first reserve parking at the road to Torrö. From the car park you follow the road back a few hundred meters and then it is 1.5 km to the
natural harbor though a meadow, follow the signs to Långviken. Along the trail, you pass house ruins with signs describing the place and stories of those who lived and worked here. You can also reach the natural harbor by boat.


E22 to Valdemarsvik. From Valdemarsvik on to Åsvikelandets nature reserve. two options
Starting from the rest house at Östgötaleden at Kråkvik, take five kilometers south and continue on to Långviken (sign)
Take the car Torrövägen and park at the first nature reserve park and walk back 100 m.
Cross the meadow at the sign Långviken.
Then continue your walk about 1.5 km


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