American Festival

Kisa, Kinda
Kinda and Ydre municipalities, in close cooperation with The Swedish Peter Cassel Society and The Andrew Peterson Society, invite you to participate in the American Festival 2019. As early as 1845 the first group of emigrants left Kinda and Ydre for North America. This was the beginning of an extensive emigration from this part of Sweden.

They would be followed by a large number of people who left the country in an attempt to change their lives for the better. They left the security of their homes for a reality of which they knew very little.

The American Festival is about the dreams, courage and willpower of human beings. It is an event that connects the history of our municipalities but has grown to a week filled to the brim with entertainment and activities for all ages.

Yesteryear and today meet through theater, musik, cruises, lectures, guided tours, exhibitions, activities for children, outdoor cinema and lots more. The American Festival has been arranged in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015, 2017. Now we are looking forward to 2019.


We wish you hearty welcome!