St. Bridget´s Trail, Linköping-Vadstena

Vadstena, Norrköping

St. Bridget’s Trail is a pilgrimage route connected to the life of St. Bridget. 

On St. Bridget’s Trail we invite you to
• get closer and learn about our spiritual heritage
• get a glimpse into the spiritual life of an extraordinary human being
• take a break from your everyday environment and perhaps find a new approach: what is it that I want with my life, which guiding-stars do I choose?
• hike or bicycle on accesible roads
• go by canal boat on Göta Canal between Vreta Abbey and Borensberg

St. Bridget’s Trail is easily reached by public transport. Contact Östgötatrafiken online at or call on 0771-21 10 10.

St Bridget’s Trail is not marked out. You will find the way by following maps and directions which is to be found at There you will also find meditations and useful tips on overnight lodgins along the way.

St Bridget of Vadstena deserves acknowledgement even in the 21th century. St. Bridget was named one of three patron saints of Europe in 1999. The other two are Edith Stein and Catherine of Sienna.