SweCanalBoats - Boat rental for your holiday on the Göta Canal or Kinda Canal


Experience the environment in and around the Kinda Canal as captain on a rental boat

A memorable trip on the canal this summer by boat you rent from us! Bring your family and friends on a lovely boat ride!

A week or more? You choose!

Start the adventure in Stegeborg between Söderköping and St. Anna archipelago for your trip on the Göta Canal, or in Linköping if you would like to combine with Kinda Canal.

Do you have ideas of your own or other plans for your trip on the canal? Do not hesitate to contact us and we'll try to help you in the best way possible.

Boating is freedom! You chugging forward at an easy pace and enjoying the moment. Should we stay here or would we like to go a bit further today? Leave the big decisions at home and focus on life here and now - it's vacation!

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Price information

Start dates and prices 2016 *

May 6 – May 29: 9900 SEK and 50% discount (ie 4950 SEK)
May 30-July 1: 9900 SEK and 25% discount (ie 7425 SEK)
July 2 until August 5: 9900 SEK
August 6 -20 August: 9900 SEK and 25% discount (ie 7425 SEK)
August 21-September 30: 9900 SEK and 50% discount (ie 4950 SEK)

For bookings of two weeks, always 10% off!

* Mandatory Canal Ticket and fuel may apply

For current pricing please see our website.


Public transportation

Walking distance from Linköping central station, app. 400 m to guest harbour.


Ready for your pleasure on the waves and the canal, rent the Swedish classic touring boats Albin 25 DL, seaworthy, safe and robust boats for the entire family!

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Visiting address Söderköping

Stegeborgs port.

GPS coordinates 58 ° 26'29.8 "N 16 ° 36'1.7" E

Visiting address Linköping

Södra Stånggatan 1

GPS coordinates 58 ° 24'48.3 "N 15 ° 37'51.7" E