The hospital museum & the house of Mårten Skinner

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The mental care history of Vadstena has it's origin in the early 16th century as a result of the building of the house of Mårten Skinner and his establishment of a foundation intended to care for the sick, the poor and tired pilgrims. In our guided tours you learn how it all started and what the mental care looked like in Vadstena from the 16th - 20th century.

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The Hospital museum will be closed due to corona during the summer 2021.

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The house of Mårten Skinnare & the hospital museum
In the beginning of the 1500’s the rich and successful merchant Mårten Nilsson Skinner took the initiative to a hospital in Vadstena. The aim was to serve God and make room for the poor, the sick and tired pilgrims that were visiting the monastery area.The tour starts by the mysterious house of Mårten Skinnare and ends in the great madhouse, which is located next to the house of Mårten Skinner. This tour gives you a good view of the mentally ill and their horrifying treatment, from the 1500’s – 1900’s. The house of Mårten Skinner was the first initiative which eventually led to the founding of the great madhouse, which today houses the hospital museum. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour.


Dramatized hospital tour
This is our dramatized tour through the long hospital tradition of Vadstena. The tour starts in the house of Mårten Skinner, continues to the hospital museum and ends in the hospital church.
On the tour you might meet Mårten Skinner himself, the chief of the hospital and maybe some of the inmates. The journey begins in the 1500’s and ends in the 1800’s. The tour lasts approximately 75 minutes. 

Both of these tours are available for pre-booked groups throughout the year, if you are interested of a guided tour you can reach us by e-mail or by phone.

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