Omberg Ecopark


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Omberg Ecopark is Sweden's most species-rich forest landscape, with many rare habitats.

The eco-park are a number of hiking trails to choose from where Östgötaleden is the longest extending around the entire mountain. There are särkilda leads tailored access, signage in Braille, etc.

The beautiful beech forest on the slope down towards Vättern, giant oaks in the pasture landscape and the colorful meadows are some of them.

Beautiful views

A mile-long scree with natural forests also put its mark on the landscape. You can enjoy the fantastic views from Vertex - Ombergs highest point - and walk among giant oaks and centuries-old trees, or let yourself be captivated by the beautiful orchids available in Ombergs many calcareous fens.


With its 1,700 acres, Omberg one of Sveaskog less eco-parks, but also one of the most visited. Each year, the approximately 350 000 peopleto the fabled mountain with the beautiful scenery and the many cultural sites.

Environmental Protection Investment

Sveaskog want to create more deciduous forests, and more spruce forest with high conservation values ​​and restore meadows. Our goal is to increase the number of large oaks, known as giant oaks 400-5000 - a project that will take several generations to complete.


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More about Omberg available at the Svea Skog's website


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Omberg Ecopark is easily accessible 8km from Ödeshög where E4 passes. Follow signs from Highway 50. Omberg Ecopark is located less than an hour's drive from both Jönköping (80 km) to Linkoping (70 km).


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