Norrköping Art Museum


The museum's history began with a generous donation by Swedish industrialist Pehr Swartz at the beginning of the 20th century. His donation of several hundred art works was exhibited in Villa Swartz, which was then both a museum and a library. In the autumn of 1946 Norrköping Museum was inaugurated at Kristinaplatsen. Exhibitions about the city's history were presented in the galleries with a low ceiling height, and art works were exhibited in the other galleries.

The building was designed by Kurt von Schmalensee and in 1963–64 he added the Harlekinen auditorium. In the 1980's the museum became an art museum. In 1997 the art museum was renovated inside and out.

In the façade facing the sculpture park to the south, the rows of windows were replaced with three bay windows, which created better conditions for exhibiting the art works in the galleries. The collections continued to grow, with a focus on 20th-century art. Many innovative and noteworthy Swedish artists are represented in the collection.The sculpture park around the art museum was inaugurated in 1960. The park is the result of a donation and currently features some 15 sculptures.

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Norrköpings Art Museum 1913-2013


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