Fornborgarna på Omberg


|Translated by Google translation|

As the district's population was relatively large at this time, the hundreds of people found themselves in castles when the enemy was approaching.

Hjässaborgen was the most important of Ombergs three castles. The castle was large, 500 x 200 meters, this was plenty of room and the cattle had been taken with the possibility of some work. When the construction of the castle has utilized the naturally steep slopes which gave a very good defense. Where there were cliffs built a stone wall with a wooden palisade on.

Borggården is the best preserved ancient castle. It is secluded about two miles north of crown Square. The very ancient castle is quite small and consists of a protruding rock outcrop to the east.

Drottning Ommas borg, located on the mountain's north-western tip, is the smallest of defenses at Omberg. To the west was the fortress impregnable, thanks to vertical cliffs down to the lake. A double wall with wooden palisade was erected to the east and northeast.