Borghamn, Vadstena
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Borghamn is the result of 1,000 years of quarrying. Monks drew his stone here when Alvastra monastery was built in the mid 1100's and even in our days are stone industries here. There are many fascinating traces of quarrying and from here, follow the stone path, either through Östgötaleden north to the canal or across Vättern to Karl's Fortress.

Here you can see "Bend Cemetery" where soldiers and prisoners of war, which broke limestone to Krlsborgs fortress, was buried in the 1800s. At the port is a popular hostel and want to take a dip there Bärsta Water Park, public beach, nearby.

Vadstena and Borghamns surroundings offer stunning scenery. Omberg is an obvious destination, and next door is Tåkern - Northern Europe's foremost bird and visitor center, Tåkern newly built visitor center.


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