Mini vacation in the archipelago

Valdemarsvik   -  Part of: Harstena, a paradise in the archipelago
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Book a small cottage on Harstena and experience the archipelago environment on our beautiful, child-friendly island without cars. We have cottages with a kitchenette that you can rent 24/7 with 2-4 beds.

Harstena can be reached by the Archipelago Line from Fyrudden or Tyrislöt every day of the week from June 22 to August 25.

Or you can rent a kayak and paddle out into the archipelago yourself!

During the summer there is a cozy restaurant on the island. We also have a smokehouse where you can enjoy freshly baked fish and a bakery with both sourdough bread and lovely buns!

The cottages are equipped with simple kitchen equipment. Sheets and cleaning can be purchased if you wish. Booked directly at booking

We also have larger cabins for rent weekly, see more about these at

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Price information

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SEK 500 / day - SEK 1000 / day


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