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The stone is studded with runes and secret runes - in the front there are about 280 pieces and the back around the 450th Even narrow sides carry text, and even with the top surface has been activated, but rune has disposed its text so ingeniously that all the runes can be read by the person standing on the ground.
It has been said that Rökstenen is our first Swedish poem and it must even then it was erected have been regarded as a literary and artistic masterpieces. The decorative text has been carried out by a rune carver with a distinct sense of form and ornamentation. He also seems like a very skilled poet writing with great knowledge about the passing of mythical stories and worlds. Through his remarkable creation seems he deliberately wanted to put the reader's sagacity and education to the test.
Nowadays, scientists are almost agreed on how Rökstenens runes to be read but not how they should be interpreted. There are subtle hints of legends, myths and obscure a number of heroic poems, as well as episodes from Varins own family history. Rökstenen still hides his secret - maybe it will be you who crack the code?
Through its monumental size and rich ornamentation reveals Rökstenen to Varin, in all probability belonged to an influential family. Additionally, the god Thurs prominently in the text, later explained by a desire to give Varin and his family a divine presence and legitimacy. Thus did the stone certainly both as a memorial to a missing son and as a status symbol for the family.

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