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Diversity of natural environments provide diversity of species.
Omberg Ecopark offers a very varied nature with forests, old spruce forests, calcareous fens, open meadows and the dramatic slope to lake. The rock's diverse nature has created a variety of habitats, making ecopark boasts an unusually large number of endangered species.

Worried Migration Period
As early as the Stone Age rock used for cultivation and during the troubled Migration Period, circa 400-500 AD, built the three ancient castles. Crown castle in the south was the largest with 450 meters long and 1.5 meters high wall. Bailey is the best preserved and is located approximately two kilometers north of the square head. Queen Omma castle was the smallest and was on the mountain's northwest tip.

Monasteries era
In the 1100s became Omberg region a center for the Sverker dynasty. At about the same time elected a great man Östergötland, Sverker, the King of Sweden. During his time founded Alvastra monastery. The monastery was destroyed in 1527 when Gustav Vasa withdrew the church property to the state.

Royal hunting park
During the 1600 - and 1700's were Omberg one of the largest livestock farms, ie the king's private hunting ground. The fenced by a 16 kilometers long and several meters high fence. It was a burdensome time for local farmers, who had to maintain the fence and stand guard so that no lynx and wolf got into. As great poverty prevailed, it was tempting to poaching in the zoo, but the sentence was hard if you got caught - rod, prison or forced labor in any of the Crown fortresses.

In 1805 settled zoo. Most of the deer were sent to Stockholm zoo and Omberg became crown park.

State Forest School
In the spring of 1859 established a national forestry school at Omberg in Höje, and simultaneously began an orderly forestry. In forestry school era planted a range of exotic tree species that silver fir and larch to broaden students' knowledge of alien species. Forest School ceased 1935th Traditionally forestry conducted at Omberg until 2003 when ecopark inaugurated.

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