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Sandviken is a charming little village, beautifully situated on the beach after Bråviken society Krokek.

It is located about 5 km from Kolmården. Here you'll find crafts and decor shops, a couple of hotels,
a campground and a few restaurants. During the walk, go to "Nunnebanan", a disused railway
which was built to transport timber.

During the round you pass even Marble mill museum.
A short distance away in the forest is broken still the greenish marble that adorns several exclusive buildings as the Royal Palace, Harrods and Rockefeller Center.
Go to the swimming area by the campground. The slope down to the bathing area, take the trail to the west. Follow the path and the road and pass the marina. The path then turns to the right (sign Marble Trail).
Go through the forest and out toward Bråviken for about one kilometer. It goes up against Marmorbruket, follow it about 50 yards, where you follow a small path to the right in the woods. Follow it alongwith Bråviken, all the way to Vildmarkshotellet. Here is the bitwise very rocks and roots, and quite steep.
At Vildmarkshotellet follow the road down to the zoo parking. Go past the parking lot.
Behind the fast food restaurant, it is a dirt road into the woods. Follow approximately 1.5 km and take the other path
to the left. Now follow Sörmlandsleden along Lövsjön. The trail leaves the lake and comes out on a dirt road where Sörmlandsleden continues to the right but you vänste r and continue the road for about 2.5 km. Nuär you inside Nunnebanans stretch. Just before the farm Oxåker turn right into skogen.Nu you see clearly that you go on the old embankment. Follow it for about 2 km until you come out on a larger
tarmac. Cross the road and pass the nursery, which is a walkway back against Sandviken.
Combine hiking with enjoyable overnight stay at a hotel with good food and drink.


|Translated by Google translation|

Length: 15 km
Difficulty: Moderate. Bitwise steep and narrow,
but also road
Start and end location: village Sandviken (lagging behind society Krokek, about 5 km before Kolmården


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