Walking Bjärka Saby - Linköping


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Oak woodlands, castles, canal and urban

The walk begins at Bjärka Säbys new castle. If you come by car you can park there. Bus Stops at old castle and then go a short distance on the road against New Castle. From the car park cross the gravel yard and looking up Östgöta trail orange markings. After a few hundred
meters you pass over Stångån on the highway. Here the trail turns off the road into the woods on the left.
Through paths and minor roads take you up to the Kinda. Here you can make a detour a few hundred meters to the nice rocks in the Great Rängen. Then start a nice stretch of four kilometers along the Kinda Canal.
You pass Hovetorp where there is a small harbor and a kiosk and toilet. There is also a shelter. Continue and you arrive at Hamra locks which by road enters onto a small gravel road.
The rest of the route up to Vidingsjö go on a mixture of trails and small roads.Four km before Vidingsjö is a simple picnic. On the way you pass then two nature reserves, forests and Ullstämma Vidingsjö Forest,. When you arrive at the fitness center includes changing rooms, showers and even a cafe. From here it is then close to bus stops that take you into the center of Linköping.
Text: Frederick Neregård

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|Translated by Google translation|

Starting point: Bjärka Säby Castle
End Location: Vidingsjö fitness center
Tour length: 20 km
Difficulty: Easy


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