Bicycle tour along Eriksgatan

Skänninge, Mjölby

The tour begins in Skänninge at Main Square, Stora torget. Ride towards Vadstena at Vadstenagatan. Ride over the river Skenaån and turn right to Motalagatan.

Take left into Nunnestigen. Here you will pass St: a Ingrids monastery which was finished at year1282. It is now a ruin but you can see a model inside the area. You can also see the remains of cloisters and nuns well. A runestone is also on the site. The basement is now overbuilt, there are several stone coffins preserved.

After the monastery go towards the Water tower. The water tower stands as a signpost in the foreground. Ride a little bit at Vadstenagatan and after the cemetery on your left, turn off to the left on Marstadvägen. This road you are now traveling on was the Birger Jarl road when he was going home to his tribe goods in Bjälbo. Even Saint Bridget may have been traveling this road visiting Bjälbo when she lived at Ulvåsa at Lake Boren. The road has popularly been called both "Birger Jarl Road" and "Bridget path."

Marstadvägen meanders in a beautiful landscape, and after you have passed Marstadbackarna we will be in the small community Marstad.

You will find an Iron Age burial ground with a stone circle located on the tomb of the field's highest point. The road can maybe be difficult to ride on so you have to walk or lead you bicykles if you want to make a visit here.
Now we begins to approach Bjälbo church and you see the distinctive church tower in the foreground. After a short distance the road you will reach the main road between Orlunda and Bjälbo. This distance is about 8 km.

Bjälbo church tower is the best preserved part of the church that still remain from Folkunga dynasty ordinary goods. The church is open during the summer, so take the opportunity to climb the tower and go into Ingrid Ylva chamber. The tower is believed to have been used both as storage and living space.

Near the church there are two rune stones from the 1100's, one of which is considered remarkable when it mentions a guild brother. It is the first time written that there were guilds in the country.

After break in Bjälbo you can go the main road back to Skänninge. The main road that runs between Väderstad and Skänninge is south from the church. On this road was previously Hogstad Sea that were drained in the early 1900's.

Skänninge approaching and Vårfrukyrkans stands as a monument in the middle of the town and reminds of the era of greatness .

The entire ride is about 17 km.

Have a nice ride!