Näs Gårdsbutik


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Näs gård  run by Göran and Carin Nästorp. It is an ecological KRAV-labeled farm where KRAV label is a good environment, animal welfare, health and social ansvar.Here conducted sheep that started in 2000.

We now have 90 mother ewes of breeds Gotländska pälsfår and Leicesterfår. It is a purebred breeding conducted on the farm and a lot live sheep resold.

To ensure the ecological operation takes all the fodder on the farm.

The store is located in the former working farm homestead where formerly lived two large families and a granary was housed on the second floor.

All sheep products based on our own breeding. The skins are prepared by Tranås skinnberedning and then sold all of us, or processed into various craft creations on the farm. The fine curly white and gray sheep and lamb skins becomes slippers, hats, mittens, scarves, bags, pillows, cushions and more. Additionally, we provide a wide range of home décor accessories from Ullcentrum på Öland, Paradisverkstaden, Växbo Lin, Lene Bjerre and Artwood.

The store is located just steps from the beach and this is stunningly beautiful in the summer. Take the time to visit us! You will not regret your visit!


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