Walking Proposal Åsvikelandet and Torrö


|Translated by Google translation|

Starting point:
parking-place at Åsvikelandets Nature Reserve
If you want to hike to the sea then this tour is for you. In the southernmost part of Östergötland archipelago
are four nature reserves which together form one of the Baltic Coast's largest contiguous
conservation area. Here you can experience the unique archipelago and abundant bird life.
At the trek starting point is an information board. Shortly after parking takes you along the path to
right against West Stake. Here and there a glimpse of the sea front but once you get over the bridge to Torrö you can see the ocean. Continue the road to Torrö village where the trail turn left into the woods. Here the trail near the sea on flat rocks and there is a good chance for swimming. The trail then turns back toward
pilot house (which you can book and retrieve the key to Torrö by)

Phone Number: 070 2267911


|Translated by Google translation|

Tour length: 15-20 km
Difficulty: Easy-medium