Adventure in the trees

Ydre   -  Part of: Torpöns Färjeläge Food and Camp
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Our high rope course consists of a total of 24 stations at varying heights and with different svårgihetsgrader you with your courage and perseverance to overcome.

Climbing high rope is a fantastic way to umgår. as family, friends, association or business. Gemnsamma hardships create cohesion and topics so be prepared for a krvande but very nice time!

Torpöns Färjeläge is the meeting place of land and sea. In the middle of the lake Somme, on Torpönsnorra headland you will find Torpöns Färjeläge food and camp. Here you can satisfy both hunger and thirst. You can camp or rent a cabin and enjoy a magnificent archipelago. In addition to a restaurant, we have a bar, a café, a large ice cream parlor, summer village shop and a marina with an opportunity to refuel the boat.

Price information

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Drop-in: Kids (8-12yrs) - 95 SEK, youth / adult - 195 kr   

Start of drop-in customers occurs every full and half hour during opening hours (see below).
The ticket entitles the holder to take two courses. The time required for this is very individual but expect a couple of hours, including instruction.



Any food from the children's menu including beverage, any ice cream in glass bar and klätterbana - 180 SEK

Youth / Adult:

Any food from the Bistro menu including alcoholic beverage, any ice cream in glass bar and klätterbana - 415 SEK


Groups can book an appointment outside of regular opening hours. Are you at least 12 people, the cost is the 160 per adult and 75 per child. Lowest total charge outside regular opening hours are 1 900.