Mörkahålkärret - nature reserve

|Translated by Google translation|

In the swamp, there is a high abundance of calcium adapted plant species. Among the many orchids occur Fly orchid and woods keys in large quantity. It was also the very rare knottblomstret. The marsh also grows plenty of axag, majviva, butterwort, water clover and bloodroot. There are many typical shells, some of which are very rare and even threatened with extinction.

Around the marsh dominates a swampy forest with alder and spruce. Here and there are nice skirting the alders. Some trees are very rough. Knock-Forest also surrounds the stream that flows westward. The flora is very rich with the presence of, among others twayblade,'s mercury, and lily of the valley

Mörkahåldammen was created in 1919 by dammed up the creek two furrows that ran down to Mörkahålkärret. The dam, which is about 1.5 m deep, was built by forest school Omberg to serve as fish for game fish, today there are only bream and tench possibly in the pond. But there are plenty of small animals and insects. Here are living larger and newt, snake, toad, klodyvel and back swimmers.