Östgötaleden, Mjölby

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Mjölby is a good starting point for both short and long hikes. You can also combine the hike with a canoe on Svartån. Below
descriptions of the various stages

Stage 1 Bleckenstad - South Farm (Lundby Vallen) - 8 km

The walk starts at Bleckenstad farm, a place that dates back from 4000 f.kr, on the border between Mjölby and Boxholms municipality. The route is mostly on trails and forest roads, past old crofters and occurs mostly through easy woodland. In the distance is not less than four shelters with barbecue facilities and accommodation, and an outhouse near Tin City.

Connection Leads: Just west of Bleckenstad connect the trail south toward Linnefors-Strålsnäs-Boxholm and connection to shelter-canoe at Svartån east of Tin City.

Stage 2 Southern Farm - Forest lake Bath and recreation facility - 4.4 km

This stage followsto begin the cycle path past and through residential Equestrian Hagen and then follow a path up a hill named Royal Mounds. The height was used for a long time gravesite and here one can discern several stone circles, standing stones, tridents, and burial mounds.
In the northern part of the Kings' Mounds the trail of a connection through the city via Buren Shield Road to Travel Centre.
If you follow the second part will be through the streets and sidewalks through the housing area Tunet and further on a tractor road and tunnel under the E4 in Forest Lake Nature Reserve.
Here the trail follows the trails, known as the Ice Age trail, via message boards tell of boulder ridges and kettle holes, and the flora and fauna found here. You reach for a while south of Forest Lake where the trail splits. One part of the trail branches off to the municipal swimming and recreational facility, the other continues to Örbackens Reserve.

Stage 3 Skogssjön Bathand recreation facility - Örbackens Reserve - 6 km
From split south of Forest Lake trail meanders further on the ridge that separates Forest Lake from the wetland is on the other side. The trail then pulls eastward and crosses the railway at Lycke Torp. Further north through the "easy time" and wonderfully beautiful forest terrain to eventually reach Örbackens Reserve.
Lime marsh framed by a välbetad and beautiful pastures and amid the calcareous rippling the water's example nine different species of orchids and carnivorous sundew plant.
Örbackens Nature Reserve are now included in the Natura 2000 - Europe's network of valuable nature.

Skogssjön exercise yard



Skogssjön exercise yard (camping, swimming) - Royal mounds (sharing)

2.5 km

This relatively short hike stage starts at the beautiful Forest Lake where there is a good beach and ends atthe historically interesting Kung mounds. Forest lake area bears many traces of the last ice age and a number of information boards along the trail follows the theme. The severity of ledsegmentet fall somewhere between light and medium. At Skogssjön exercise yard is parking, bus connection with Motala, Skänninge and Mjölby urban area, and a small campground with good service. The stretch without shelter.

Skogssjön exercise yard
Forest lake recreation area owned and operated by Mjölby Municipality. For filuftsområdet hear both camping and a nice beach. From May /June to mid-August is daily access to camping, public toilets, showers, drinking water, and a cafeteria. There are also table groups, barbecue area and a sandy beach with a jetty and a large parking adjacent to the outdoor area. You can also rent a boat or buy a fishing license to fish in the lake. For information about outdoor area opening hoursfishing licenses and more contact Mjölby Tourist, see Kontaktiformation. Outdoor area also has good bus connection. There are demand-urban rail (line 357) you can pre-book by phone 0142-18000 one hour before you want to go. The crossroads at Slomarps yard stop route 356 (Slomarp-Mjolby Travel Centre) and Line 660/661 (Mjölby Skänninge). From the crossroads, follow after the sign for Forest lake recreation area, a distance of about 400 m Östgötaleden connect the outdoor area. Mjolby holidays can provide further information about Forest Lake, etc., see under Contact.

From Skogssjön exercise yard the trail in places known as the "Ice Age Trail" by Forest Lake nature reserve with its ridges and kettle holes. In the light hilly landscape are information about the area's origins, flora and fauna. When you pass through a tunnel under the E4 leave the nature reserve and follow a tractor. From residentialTunet proceed through the streets and sidewalks to the division of the Royal Mounds. Kings' Mounds is an interesting cultural interesting area that also is a perfect resting place. The area described in the next ledsegment if you continue to Bleckenstad


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  • Firewood is usually found in windbreaks and rest areas
  • Boil water from streams and lakes if you should drink
  • Detailed maps and more information is available at


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E4 north and south


Familjecamping - åldersgräns kan förekomma