Östgötaleden Finspång

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Östgöta Trail Sections in Finspångs municipality

Efforts to clear several stretches of Östgötaleden underway and the following stages are completed.
Falsnäset - Sörsjön (15.3 miles)
Falsnäset (stop) - Sjönäs /Getsjön (4.5 miles)
Sjönäs /Getsjön - Valborgsmässoberget (view) (2.7 miles)
Valborgsmässoberget (views) - Stock Sjötorp /Stock Seas (2.0 km)
Stock Sjötorp /Stock Sea - Ämtetorp /Ämten (1.7 miles)
Ämtetorp /Ämten - Sörsjön (sharing, hostels, etc.) (4.4 miles)
Åndenäs-Rain Church

The trail goes around the lake Mäseln. The appropriate starting point is Mäselnbadet where there is parking and toilet. Most are easy to hike, with some steep sections. Nature is alternating with sharp coves and rocky shores of the lake. It also crosses ravines with jungle-like setting and an open landscape with grassland and oak dominated forests.

Östgötaleden, stretch Falsnäset-Rejmyre
FromFalsnäset follow the trail of the route, as the road between the Vist Inge and
Rejmyre trail now utilizes the vägstumpar, which still exist in the extremely crooked old road.
On the trail you pass a long row of mailboxes, right out in the wild forest. Mailboxes belonging to residents of the some kilometers farther
new Rippe Torps village.
The forests, which the trail passes have always been seen as inaccessible and
wild. My for the recently passed road to Rippe Torp glimpsed across the asphalt street
an interesting glittering water. It is a small forest lake named Holpetärn.
At Elgsjögården is a very old pine forest
Elgsjögården was originally named District Torps school and was one of several village schools in Risinge
parish. It has preserved the heritage of Elgsjögården and today
 A lot timbered barn from Sjönäs.
 A loft shed from Mottorp.
A barn with körvandring from Högtorp.
 The old gruel clock from Lotorps use.
 So called AK-barracks converted to the "breakfast room."
 An elderly farm smithy.
 A strange bikupliknande device that used to exist at all skogvaktatarboställen
and used klängning (separation of seeds from cones) of pine and fir cones.
The trail passes the District gård, with dwellings from 1600 talers

After another two kilometers crossing the footpath "Rural reserve Skogstorp" which is
an old, old crofter in District gård.
Among the plants, which now annually blooming in Skogstorp
include three species of orchid, one of which "Bride spruce" begun to appear more abundant in recent times.
Within Skogstorp fences are a closely guarded tar pit and a "lingrop."
From Skogstorp go hiking trail back toward the highway, which crosses the trail at the cottage
Katsviken or Älgsjötorp.
When the wandererNow, just after the Claimant Torp leave Holmen's land and migrate into the
Sveaskog, we can recommend the walker to keep your eyes open and look for Sweden
rarest orchid "forest wife".

Falsnäset-Sörsjön (15.3 miles)
Distance Distance
Falsnäset (stop) - Sjönäs /Getsjön 4.5 km
Sjönäs /Getsjön - Valborgmässoberget (views), 2.7 km
Valborgmässoberget (views) - Stock Sjötorp /Stock Lake 2.0 km
Stock Sjötorp /Stock Sea - Ämtetorp /Ämten 1.7 km
Ämtetorp /Ämten - Sörsjön (sharing, hostels etc) 4.4 km

The route offers a nice nature walk in a piecemeal hilly forest terrain. You pass several lakes and has a lovely view from Valborgmässoberget. The level of difficulty is medium. At Sörsjöns Cabins and Camping include a hostel.

About 300 m south of the bus stop at Falsnäset is a crossroads. From there, the trail continues on an easy path to the left (east).

Tip:Quite promptly pass a path on your right. Note that the detour does not belong Östgötaleden. The trail is a nice side trip down to the lake Uttringen.

The trail leads not to Uttringen but continue east on the road that branches off a bit later. You go to the right at the crossroads and passing the house at the church to say. About 300 meters after the church say turn right and follow the path past the Source marsh. T trail then follows the shore along Getsjön and round a promontory a little further south. Here's croft ruins Sjönäs. A sign marks the location of the croft. At the tip of the cape are a couple of large pits. There are remnants of tar pits where they formerly made of tar. At the cape, you can access water.

After Sjönäs follow an easy path to the east and turns almost immediately into a path. You come to a place where another path connecting the south. At the division's Butbro croft ruin. A plate with cottage agency name marks the spot.

Trailcontinues on the path to the east. You then cross Djupån and barely 400 meters later you pass the municipal boundary and enters the municipality of Norrköping. The trail continues up Valborgmässoberget. The pitch of the last half mile is slightly steeper. From the hill, you have a lovely view of the surroundings. The highest point is 120 m asl You then have an approximately equally long descent towards Stock Sjötorp on Lake Stock.

From Stock Sjötorp follow a path that takes you through a beautiful and easily walked area. At Ämten you have fine views out over the lake and also the possibility of swimming.

After Ämtetorp follow an easy path, and then a path that passes Orrmossen. At Ekmon follow a simple path a few hundred yards and then down towards genar Sörsjön on a path. You come down to a road where there is an information board about the trails in the area. Adjacent is a car park and a popular swimming area at the lake. To get to the next ledsegment go down to Sörsjön.It takes you to the right and immediately right again on an easy path. The path now follows parallel to the main road and takes you up to the holiday village entrance where there is still an information board. There is a sharing and a number of signs that show how the trail continues.


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  • Firewood is usually found at shelters and picnic areas
  • Boil water from lakes and rivers if you should drink
  • Maps and more information is available from tourist
  • The trail is marked with orange circles and dots


  • Friluftsbad/Utomhusbassäng
  • Kanotuthyrning