Östgötaleden, Ödeshögs municipality Omberg and Hästholmen


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Östgötaleden in Ödeshög - Beautiful scenery where Vättern and Omberg is the hub

Visit Worth Kråkeryds Reserve - Orrnäs 4.6 k m (not checked!)

Stage 1 Kråkeryd - Trehörna 26 km
The route is easy to walk. Starts in the parking lot at Kråkeryds Reserve. Follow the road east, after a few hundred yards you will come to a crossroads. After that, follow a simple dirt road through the tunnel under the E4.

The landscape is pastures, and you can make a detour to Visjön, visit Urnaturs facility with tree house and shop with crafts. At Sjögetorp is a ullspinneri. It continues up towards Månsabola where the trail forks. The main trail follows the gravel road as an alternative point pass some of the cottages in the area. The gravel road going up to Bonderydssjön where there are beavers. The gravel road goes over the forest road and the trail continues up to Gran lake and a shelter that is beautiful. There are also privyand bathing. The trail then continues until Trehörna between homestead and church.

Stage 2 Trehörna - Boxholm, 23 km
The route is hilly and go through a mix of forest and landscape. The trail starts from the division above Trehörna church and continues past Trehörna homestead. From the homestead, the trail follows a jogging track and then a forest path and you leave Ödeshögs municipality and enters Boxholms municipality. Attractions along the route are Mossebo Borg, remnants of an ancient castle, Pukaberget, a vantage point, etc..

Stage 1 Orrnäs - Omberg /Stocklycke, 14.5 km
The route is rich in historical sites and natural values. The trail follows the beautiful trails and simple paths along Vättern until Stocklycke at Omberg. On your way you will pass through the Great Lund naturresevat where detfinns barbecues, swimming and fishing. Parts of the area is suited to people with disabilities, suchas the bridge.
The trail then passes Hästholmen where you can visit the port, Vättern room swimming, diving and fishing. Then the trail continues past the Ellen Key Beach. There you can get a guided tour. You can make a small detour to Alvastra convent ruins then you trail vidareupp on Omberg. The route ends at Omberg where you can go Östgötaleden around Omberg. (Maps available at Stocklycke hostel.

Do not forget to visit the skull on Omberg one of Östergötland highest points.
Windbreaks are just south of the parking at the Big Lund, at Stocklycke Harbour.


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  • Firewood is usually found at shelters and picnic areas
  • The water in the lakes and rivers must be cooked if you should drink
  • Maps are available at tourist offices
  • Trail routes are marked with orange rings / dots


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E4 south and north. RV 50 through Vadstena


  • Cykeluthyrning
  • Dykarskola/uthyrning
  • Gästhamn
  • Badstrand